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Monday, December 27, 2010

In Merit of Rivka bat Rachel Leah

There are several medical conditions which cause a loss of censorship of speech. Tourette Syndrome is a brain condition that, among other symptoms, causes the patient to curse uncontrollably. Schizophrenia, a mental disorder that is characterized by misperceptions of reality, can cause people to act violently and curse. Bipolar disorder, a syndrome in which the patient cycles from being extremely manic to extremely depressed, can also cause uncontrollable cursing. People who have suffered from a stroke (which is like a heart attack in the brain) or other forms of bleeding in the brain can also lose control and curse. Other chemical imbalances and brain damage can cause uncontrollable cursing fits.

There are millions of people every year who suffer from these conditions and cannot control how they speak. A completely healthy person who has total control over everything they say and still curses is almost mocking the people who cannot.

I would like to dedicate this post for the merit of Bekkie, Rivka bat Rachel Leah. She is an eleven-year-old girl who is currently suffering from leukemia. She has been hanging in there for a while, and we desperately want her to get completely better! Her devoted friends made a CD called the Never Alone CD ( in Bekkie's merit. I beseech you all to pray for Bekkie's speedy recovery.

Update: Rivka bat Rachel Leah is now in remission! This is an amazing miracle. All of you who have read this post helped bring about her recovery - thank you so much! Please continue to pray for her well-being.

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