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Friday, June 22, 2012

My Brush With Cursing on the Bus

Yesterday, I was riding on the bus, listening to my iPod. A large group of students piled onto the bus, and three girls hovered near where I was sitting. Despite securing my earbuds deep inside my ears and keeping the volume as loud as is healthy, I could hear every word of their conversation. All of the kids clearly belonged to the same ethnic group, lived in the same community and neighborhood (literally 90% of them got off at the same stop), and went to the same school. When the girls near me began using bad words (I remember hearing "OMG, she's such a bleep!" and "what the bleep?"), I was really disturbed. I knew that it was silly to judge their entire community based on these girls' behavior, especially since they were pretty young (probably in middle school) and probably didn't understand the impact of their words. However, others may not be as nice as I was in this situation. The moral of this story is: always be careful how you speak, especially in public!