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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do You Think Less of People?

Before you can comment on here on the Bleep! blog, I have to approve the comment (I don't want people to curse in the comments section, after all - that would kinda defeat the whole point of Bleep!). I found the above comment in my moderation folder today. After whiting out the particularly obnoxious comments the author made and the author's name, I decided to share this comment.

The author of the comment (let's call him or her X) is discussing this post, about a newspaper reporter I emailed regarding an article about Bleep! who responded to me using profanity. Honestly, X is probably right in one sense, since I doubt the reporter cares if I, or anyone else, thinks less of him. He cursed at me; he knew he was being extremely obnoxious and immature.

I disagree with X that the reporter's paper and community doesn't care if I think less of it because of the reporter's actions, however. My mother used to work in an insurance office. I know that if she or any of her coworkers would have cursed while with a client, their superiors would be extremely upset, since it doesn't look good for the company. I do think less of the paper now that one of their reporters cursed at me like that, and I have to assume that the paper would care that there's someone out there who thinks less of them. I'm going to apply this concept to the reporter's community, also. I know that I would care if someone, even the most random person in the most random place, would think less of me, my school, or my community because of my actions.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pink, Why Do You Have to Curse?

I have always been a HUGE Pink fan. When I say HUGE, I mean HUGE. While she does use bad words in quite a few songs, I'm willing to forgive her for it, because she is so extremely talented and has such amazing music. Her latest song, "F**kin' Perfect," is a completely beautiful song giving inspiration to people who feel they're less than perfect. The video is also beautiful, albeit a little graphic.

It bothers me to no end that the song uses the f word so much. Why? What's the point? She could have used "freakin' perfect" just as easily, or some other intensifier like "completely perfect" or "totally perfect" or something. (I'm not a songwriter. They could have figured it out, I'm sure.) I find it so annoying that the f word is used so copiously for no real reason, and it kind of ruins such an amazingly beautiful song for me. I suppose this is why censored versions of songs exist...