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Monday, October 22, 2012

*Another* Anti-Cursing DBPB!

Dear Blank Please Blank is starting to become my favorite website! It's awesome how many submissions they post that have anti-cursing messages.
Dear 27-year-old veteran with death tattoos in my freshman history class,
Please continue to say "Fudge, sugar cookies" when you forget your books.

I really like this one, since it breaks down stereotypes about who is most likely to curse, and gives a cutsey alternative to using bad words. All hail DBPB!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yet Another Anti-Cursing DBPB!

I just saw this Dear Blank Please Blank:
Dear little girl who screamed "holy heffelump" when she saw a spider,
Please be my new best friend...

I'm a big proponent of using jokey words, or any substitute, for bad words. I understand that it's human nature to make some sort of remark when something bad happens. You can check out this link at the Bleep! website for suggestions other than "heffelump" to say instead of cursing!