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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Anti-Cursing DBPB!

There's a website I love to procrastinate with called Dear Blank Please Blank. As I was surfing it today, I saw this DBPB:

Dear kids who cuss, 
Swearing doesn't make you sound grown up. It shows you can't articulate your emotions intelligently.
Sincerely, tired of "F" this and "F" thats. 
Yeah! It's so awesome to see something against excessive cursing online, where there are unfortunately a lot of people who wantonly use bad language.

A few of the comments on the DBPB:

I wish I didn't swear so much, I'm trying really hard to stop!
This post is right. Swearing doesn't automatically make someone less intelligent, but I've noticed that it is used more commonly by the less intelligent. However smart you are, swearing will always make you seem less intelligent.
...I agree that if it's every other word, that's a bit excessive...