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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jennifer Aniston and the Word "Retard"

Jennifer Aniston was on the talk show Regis and Kelly the other day, discussing a photo shoot she did emulating Barbra Streisand. When Regis asked her, "So you got to play dress up?" Aniston replied, "Yeah, I do it for a living, like a retard."

I think it was just in very poor taste for her to use the word "retard". I think it just really slipped out. I obviously don't condone her action, as the word "retard" is extremely offensive and as an actor she has a lot of influence over people, but at least she didn't say a Category 3 or 4 word.

This actually reminds me of when President Obama compared his poor score at bowling to something "out of the special Olympics," the Olympics for disabled/handicapped people.

To me, Obama's remark is worse than Aniston's, as he is the president. It was also just a silly thing to say; the people who participate in the special Olympics are probably more talented than most people in the regular Olympics. Sigh. When will society learn?

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Word "Bleep" Makes it Onto TV!

There is a new TV show called $h*! My Dad Says, pronounced "Bleep" My Dad Says. Sadly, it is not in any way related to my organization Bleep!. It is actually based on a Twitter feed (unfortunately using the actual bad word substituted by "bleep" here). Because it is airing during prime time, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), whose job it is to keep profanity and explicit material from being broadcast at certain times of day, is making sure the show doesn't use bad words. While the Parents Television Council, whose mission is to clean up the media, has protested this show for its title, I disagree. I understand their position, but I think they are overreacting. They don't use the actual word in the title, but an alternative. While it certainly isn't a nice title, I think it's perfectly acceptable.

I don't like William Shatner's attitude towards it, though. Shatner, who is playing the main character on the show, has said, "S**t isn't a terrible term." Oy vey! If he only knew the negative effects people all over the country are attributing to him right now...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You Can Curse in Your Head

I curse in my head.

A lot.

More than I'm proud of, to be honest. Obviously, it's most desired to avoid cursing in your thoughts, but as long as they don't come out of your mouth, there's nothing wrong with it. Bleep!'s reasoning behind not cursing is because people will judge you and everyone and everything that you represent poorly. If you think bad words, no one can hear them - they certainly can't judge you based on what they can't hear!