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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pink, Why Do You Have to Curse?

I have always been a HUGE Pink fan. When I say HUGE, I mean HUGE. While she does use bad words in quite a few songs, I'm willing to forgive her for it, because she is so extremely talented and has such amazing music. Her latest song, "F**kin' Perfect," is a completely beautiful song giving inspiration to people who feel they're less than perfect. The video is also beautiful, albeit a little graphic.

It bothers me to no end that the song uses the f word so much. Why? What's the point? She could have used "freakin' perfect" just as easily, or some other intensifier like "completely perfect" or "totally perfect" or something. (I'm not a songwriter. They could have figured it out, I'm sure.) I find it so annoying that the f word is used so copiously for no real reason, and it kind of ruins such an amazingly beautiful song for me. I suppose this is why censored versions of songs exist...

1 comment:

  1. 1) Although there are a number of Pink songs I like, I would have you know that I NEVER even listened to this song once exactly because of the swear word in the title and I didn't want to support her in that! (Pretty commendable, huh?!)

    2) I would also note that there is such a thing as the positive equivalent to swear words: this includes words that have positive connotations, are used primarilly emotionally, but really don't say anything. AHEMMM. ('Huge' can be such as word, as is (perhaps) 'extremely' in this context, and 'amazing' as well. They don't say anything, emote, and merely create a positive vibe, just like swear words don't say anything, merely emote, and create a negative vibe.)

    3) Pink is a 'PETA Person', and given that PETA is often irrational, disingenous, and immoral in many respects (as for example being against ALL animal testing)-perhaps then her swearing isn't that surprising?