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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't Curse in Front of Clients

There's a dog boutique on my block that my mom and I hang out at a lot. (We joke that we spend more time there than the people who work there do.) As a result, we know the workers there really well, as well as the owner of the store. She curses a lot, but it's just part of how she speaks, and it would be disrespectful of me to tell her to stop (although she does know about Bleep!). Once, as we were hanging out at the store, there was also a customer there. She got a phone call and began cursing her head off very loudly at the person on the other line, in complete earshot of the customer, without even trying to filter her mouth or be quieter. The worker, my mom, and me exchanged looks. I'm still in disbelief, to be honest. We all thought it was extremely unprofessional and just plain inappropriate of the owner to curse so indiscriminately in front of a customer. We didn't say anything to her, because it wasn't our place, but I really would have liked to show her the Bleep! site. Cursing in the workplace, especially in front of clients, is just inappropriate. When my mom worked in an office, she said that a lot of people cursed among coworkers, but never in front of a client - it's just no protocol, and looks unprofessional. I just hope that customer wasn't turned off by the owner's behavior, since it's a really great dog store!

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