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Friday, May 14, 2010

Robert Ford Rocks!

I just heard about state senator Robert Ford (SC-D) and how he proposed a bill to outlaw profanity in early 2009. While this law has not been passed, I just want to say - thank you, Robert Ford! He is a person who understands that cursing is an unacceptable practice. While I don't necessarily think it's something so bad that it should be fined or punished harshly by the law, I really commend Mr. Ford's efforts. Keep up the good work, Mr. Ford!


  1. A bill to violate the rights of individuals who violate no one else's rights? Very unjust, Talia-this is MUCH worse than any harm swearing does. I condemn this as totalitarian-which it is. And you should too...

  2. Reading this post now, I agree with you more than I agree with myself from two years ago.

  3. Excellent-great minds DO think alike after all!