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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bad Words on Clothes

In the past couple months, I've noticed a lot of people wearing clothing and accessories with bad words written on them. A while ago, I noticed a woman with a bag that had the s word on it. A week or two ago, I was on the bus with a man with a bad word on his shirt. Yesterday, I saw another man with a curse word on his shirt. While I addressed this concept in this blog post a couple years ago, I would like to expand on it a little bit now.

I feel that it's really obnoxious for someone to wear something with a bad word on it. If you want to curse, that's okay; I'm personally not a fan and can cite many, many reasons why you shouldn't, but if you choose to use that sort of language and the people around you are okay with it, it's your prerogative. However, by wearing clothing with curses on them, you're forcing everyone around you to be exposed to bad words, whether or not they want to be. I know that if I were a parent, I would be very frustrated if my (young) child saw a bad word on somebody's shirt or bag. So, people of the world: could you please avoid wearing stuff with bad language on them?