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Friday, February 10, 2012

Cursin' Over Neosporin

A while ago, I was shopping with my mom at my local Walgreen's. A number of boys were in the store, too. Based on their uniforms, it was clear that they attended a local school with a specific religious affiliation. They were searching for Neosporin, as the entire store learned when one of the boys screamed out, "Where's the bleeping Neosporin??"

I cringed when he said this, and was far from the only one. In a way, I was embarrassed for him that he just didn't understand the negative effects of using such a strong word so cavalierly in public. It's not my place to go over to random people I don't know and say, "You know, using that word is really not the right thing to do," and segue into a whole Bleep! speech, but I really wish that I could do that sometimes. I know that I thought less of this boy's friends when he said what he did, along with his school and every other group he represented. I also imagine that all of the other people at Walgreen's at the time felt the same way. When will the world learn?