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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Bleep! Member's Response to "You Can Curse in Your Head"

A Bleep! member, Aliza S., emailed me the following about my previous blog post "You Can Curse in Your Head."

I just have one comment to make. I was looking at your blog and I noticed that on August 10 you commented that cursing in your head is fine. You further said that the only reason not to curse (according to Bleep!) is because people will look at you and what you stand for poorly.


Though I wholeheartedly believe what you're saying - and think that your reason is an amazing one, I also think that cursing affects YOU as well, and cursing in your head is nearly as bad as cursing aloud. In addition to other things, when you curse, even in your head, you're training yourself to respond to certain situations in that way. It's a tremendous level to be on to be able to keep the response in the head and not let it out into the world, but I still don't think that mental cursing is too great.

I definitely agree with Aliza's thesis. Bleep! stresses the negative effects that people will apply to you, your family, school, and community based on cursing, but it's far from the only reason not to curse. While I think it's just fine to curse in your head, it is obviously preferable not to, as if you're saying it in your head, it's easy to slip.